Writing a blog after so long, was almost away from blogging for the past 1 year almost. And am back to my blog before this skill goes under layers of rusting.

Before I continue with this blog, I will explain from where did I get these ideas of management. Its not from a book that I had read, it neither from a speech of a management guru that I have seen on youtube. The source for these ideas of mine is my day-to-day interaction with people around me. And my belief is that all these Management concepts applies both to our work and our lives. So here I go...

Idea-1 : Its about laying your thoughts well/expressing them well/appraising immediately the people grabbing your thoughts exactly the way you say it.

Expansion of the statement : Wherever you stand in your life, its not just you. There will definitely be a few people who will be around you to influence your life, be it work be it you social life or be it your personal life. Its tough to be alone in this world. Think about it and you will realize its really tough to separate yourself from the rest of the world (haaah .... leave the time that you spend in the shit home... and yes if you think you can spend your whole life there, you are the subject of my next blog :o) ... ) . So now if we agree on the fact that we can't live alone in this world, this implies a few things. First, these people around us will influence our decisions. Second, out of this flock around us there will be a few from whom you have to get some work done.

Now for both these facts being true, if take a task from my work and my life as an example where I have few others around me, its very important for them to understand what am doing and if I have to get something to be done by them even they must understand it well. Say I want to dig the ground to plant some trees in a garden. Now I have people around me, to whom if I don't explain it, because of human nature they will start sharing there opinions about it and may comeup with negative of positive feedbacks. Say some may thing I am stealing the earth from the garden, there may be some who may think that I am some mad digging a well in the garden to get some water out of earth. So, for the people to stop speculating what has to be done is to express myself to others, to a few of them. I have to explain to them the task the benifits of it, and the details of it. So, I will have to plan out some time to explain to a few out of them that I am planning to plant a few trees in this Garden and for which I am digging the earth out. Now I also have to explain to them, that imagine how beautifull will it look if there are some flowering plants around us in this garden and how it is good for the environment as well.

Having explained this all to a few of them what do I achieve? First, I have spread my idea/task, so atleast a few of them know exactly what am doing and these few will stop others from speculating about my task. So, I have diffused my idea in the air somewhere. Second, it was not know to others but when I started the task I was looking for some other people to work along with me (think the same way as I do) and by explaining this the probability of someone coming to help me is high than it was before. Now, there is another fact to it, the moment someone agrees to benifits of what am doing. Its important that I appreciate his understanding this is one of the most important thing. If I do appriciate, its like taking it to the next level and will make the other one feel good about what he did. This way he will think ahead and may ask me for a help as well, which again is something that I wanted. So, I accomplish the other thing of gettting a few other with me to work along with me.

Now my belief is you can apply this to everything that you do in your life. Its a very intense idea that I have inside me which I have tried to put up in simple words. And I have seen it working give it a try. Start explaing and using the phrase "I appreciate".


Enrique Iglesias

I rate this as the best album of the year. My Personal Favourite, all the tracks are great. He composed around 25 songs and finalized these 10. So u can guess, that these have to the best.

Enrique Iglesias- Insomniac (2007)

Download the complete album from the link below.


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